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Carla Molinaro

Having competed in sport all her life Carla has done a range of activities from gymnastics to triathlon. She finally found her feet with running and loves testing herself across a range of distances from 800m to ultra-marathons. She’s happiest on the trails, carrying out her own adventure, be it running around Mont Blanc or across South Africa. Carla thinks there is something magical about planning your own journey and going on an adventure down country roads, over railways and around mountains all on your own two feet. 

Professionally Carla has been on quite a journey, starting her career as a sports masseuse for the Welsh Rugby Union and then, serving as an Officer in the British Army and completing a tour of Afghanistan. Carla was then part of the Operational Planning team for the 2012 Olympics and 2014 Commonwealth Games, after which she got a rare opportunity to be a personal trainer for a Saudi Arabian princess.

All these roles have given her the skills to plan and execute awesome adventures around the world, which we hope you will one day get to enjoy!

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Mike Sewell

Born and raised in South Africa, Mike resigned from the corporate world in 2017 to follow his passion of running and adventure. Running since a wee lad, Mike has been fortunate enough to run in some awesome places around the world, including locations like the Sahara, Lake Tahoe, the Alps, Patagonia and not to mention his home country, South Africa! 

In 2017, Mike ran through Patagonia (Chile, South America) with friend Roger Cameron, on a self-organised and independent expedition called Project Patagonia. The two of them took 6 weeks to cover 1,200km from Puerto Montt to Villa O’Higgins, pushing all their gear, food and water in jogging strollers.

Not shy of an endurance event, Mike then signed up to the Long Road to Comrades project (initiated by Dave Chamberlain). A group of 6 would each attempt to run from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg in 19 days - and in time to start the 2018 Comrades ultra-marathon. This would be the equivalent of 20 Comrades in 20 days. While the original objective was not achieved, Mike ran 1,000km in the 19 days leading up to Comrades and then finished the Comrades in a time of 10h23.

Mike’s passion lies in getting off the beaten track and exploring places where people rarely get to go. 

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