Our Experiences seek to take you to the most extraordinary places on foot. All of our Microadventures and Expeditions have been carefully chosen to provide beauty, adventure and of course a challenge. They are each catered to slightly different abilities and we’re sure you’ll find something that excites you. If you want any help in selecting your Experience then please get in touch.


The iKhulu Trail Run

Join us on the unspoilt coastline of Maputaland for a running experience like no other. Where the Indian Ocean meets pristine beaches and rolling sand dunes, we take you on a running adventure as you race the tide and meander through costal forests and local communities.

Project Patagonia 2.0

A running expedition through one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Chilean Patagonia is sparsely populated and wild in nature. Beautiful national parks protect glaciers, dense forests, smoking volcanoes and pristine rivers. Join us for the experience of a life time “to the end of the world”.


An epic adventure that will see you go from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and across the Pyrenees until you reach the Mediterranean Sea. This journey will cover 900km and you will ascend more than 49,000m over a 30 day period. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will guarantee a challenging adventure.


Past Experiences…

Project Patagonia

In November 2017, Mike Sewell and Roger Cameron set off for Chile in South America where they took on an independent and self-supported 1,200km run through rural Patagonia.  The route followed the Carretera Austral, a road made of 60% gravel but famous with adventurers who journey into beautiful and wild surrounds. Read more here…

Tour of Mont Blanc

A 4 day micro adventure that sees you cover 170km and climb 10,000m in 4 days. The route circumnavigates Mont Blanc and takes you through France, Italy and Switzerland along the way. The climbs are breathtakingly beautiful and the hearty meal that you get at the refuges at the end of the day are just what you need to fuel you for the rest of the adventure. Read More here…

Long Road to Comrades

The initial goal of The Long Road To Comrades was to run 90km a day for 19 days and on Day 20 Complete the worlds oldest and biggest ultra marathon, Comrades. This didn’t go entirely to plan but the journey to get from Cape Town to Comrades was a special one including laughter, tears, perseverance and elation. Read more here…